Maximize Your Garage’s Potential with Concrete Coatings

Garage floor coatings are really essential especially since some floors are more prone to damage and stains than garage floors. Oil, grease, forceful impacts, and more can transform a clean garage floor into a tarnished surface in a blink of an eye, hindering its appeal while creating numerous issues that cost more than a pretty […]

Garage floor coatings are really essential especially since some floors are more prone to damage and stains than garage floors. Oil, grease, forceful impacts, and more can transform a clean garage floor into a tarnished surface in a blink of an eye, hindering its appeal while creating numerous issues that cost more than a pretty penny to resolve. That’s why it’s essential to protect your garage floor and ensure it withstands the test of time.

One of the best ways to do so is to install high-quality garage floor coatings on your commercial or residential property. Area Home Services offers exceptional garage floor coating installation in Quincy, IL, that will protect your garage floors for decades to come.

Area Home Services is one of Quincy, IL’s leading garage floor coating companies. We specialize in residential and commercial garage coatings in Quincy that enhance your property’s appearance while protecting it from damage, stains, and more. If you want to get the most out of your garage floor while taking its visual appeal to new heights, contact Area Home Services for all your garage floor coating needs.

What Are Garage Floor Coatings?

Garage floor coatings are durable chemical barriers that protect floors from damage and imperfections. Many varieties also improve traction, preventing dangerous slips and fall that often lead to serious injuries. They work great for residential and commercial garages, giving the floors an extra layer of protection against cracks, chips, stains, and more.

At Area Home Services, we offer two types of concrete coatings:

  • Polyaspartic coatings
  • Polyurea coatings

Polyaspartic Coatings

Polyaspartic coatings are highly-resistant concrete floor coatings that prevent abrasions, cracks, and chemical penetration. They install over garage floors and cure incredibly quickly, giving you a first-class protective barrier you can enjoy without delay. Polyaspartic floor coatings are UV-resistant as well, ensuring their color won’t fade in excess sunlight.

Polyaspartic coatings also make cleaning up spills easier than ever and won’t stain or experience discoloration. They feature a slip-resistant surface and come in several unique colors and design patterns, helping your garage look its best without sacrificing durability. You can also add aluminum oxide to further enhance traction, keeping you and your family safe while working in the garage.

Polyurea Coatings

Polyurea coatings share many similarities with polyaspartic varieties but feature unique characteristics that separate them. They can reach up to six millimeters thick and take 24 to 48 hours to cure. Polyurea is more flexible than polyaspartic and resists peeling, cracking, and chemicals with ease.

However, polyurea’s flexible nature doesn’t adversely affect its durability. They can withstand tremendous impacts and heavy foot traffic without issue and will maintain their robustness for numerous years. 

That said, polyurea coatings can’t withstand extreme climates. They often lose resilience in overly hot or cold temperatures, making them less ideal for outdoor surfaces. However, polyurea coatings are perfect for indoor garages and will protect your floor for years without experiencing excessive wear and tear.

Area Home Services offer both polyurea and polyaspartic garage floor coatings and will equip your garage with a best-in-class coating without delay. Every coating comes with a warranty (a 15-year warranty for residential and a five-year warranty for commercial), ensuring you receive a first-class coating that protects your floors for years and beyond. Our coatings come in several alluring colors and designs, allowing you to customize them to your liking.

Our technicians will work with you to find the best coating for your property while providing unmatched customer service every step of the way. If you want to enhance your garage with superior concrete floor coatings that are as attractive as they are durable, contact Area Home Services.

Benefits of Garage Floor Coatings

Garage floor coatings offer more than just enhanced protection and increased appeal. They provide numerous benefits that take your garage to the next level. Below are just some benefits of our garage floor coatings.

Versatile and Long-Lasting

Our floor coatings are exceedingly versatile and match nearly any garage’s layout and appearance. They come in dozens of enchanting designs and won’t take away from the space’s best features. Whether you have a classic garage or a modern carport, our coatings will improve its appearance and durability, guaranteed.

We only use first-rate coating solutions that provide long-lasting results. Our coats last up to three decades without requiring replacements, protecting your garage from everything from oil stains to dents and everything in between.

Adds Value to Your Garage

Installing a high-quality floor coating in your garage is a terrific way to increase its value. Coatings ensure the floor remains durable and pristine for numerous years, preventing new residents from replacing it after they move in. They also show interested buyers that you care about the property, making it more enticing. 

Reduces Maintenance

Although concrete coatings require routine maintenance, they make the process easier and much faster. They make cleaning up spills nearly effortless and prevent stains that require tremendous effort to eliminate once they take hold. You won’t have to waste countless hours scrubbing your garage floor, thanks to our exceptional garage floor coatings.

Contact Area Home Services for Unmatched Garage Floor Coatings in Quincy, IL

Finding high-quality garage floor coatings in Quincy, IL, is as easy as contacting Area Home Services. We will help you install and maintain your concrete coating at a rate that won’t break the bank. Give the Area Home Services team a call at (573) 685-3277 and schedule your appointment in Quincy, IL, today!

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We are the number one company providing high-quality polyaspartic and polyurea concrete coatings in Quincy, IL. We have hundreds of stellar reviews on independent websites and various social media platforms from satisfied clients, and we would love for yours to be our latest. Our technicians have decades of combined experience providing:

  • One-day chemical-resistant polyaspartic and polyurea installation
  • Anti-slip and UV-resistant ingredients that make newly-coated wet areas safer to walk through
  • Decades-long warranties on all coatings
  • Polyurea and polyaspartic carrying 100% solids from Penntek