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Explore the cutting-edge technology and refreshing options that Portacool has to offer, designed to keep you cool and comfortable.

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Whether you need temporary relief or a permanent cooling solution, we’ve got you covered with both rental and purchase options for Portacool products.

Beat the heat and keep your surroundings cool and comfortable with Portacool units. Whether you need a temporary cooling solution for an outdoor event or a long-term climate control system for your workspace, Portacool has you covered. Our innovative cooling products are designed to provide efficient and effective relief from high temperatures, ensuring a more enjoyable and productive environment.

At the heart of Portacool units is cutting-edge evaporative cooling technology. These units harness the natural power of water evaporation to reduce ambient temperatures. As warm air passes through cooling pads saturated with water, it’s transformed into refreshing, cool air that’s then distributed throughout the space. This process not only cools the air but also adds moisture, making it ideal for dry, arid climates.

Ready to experience the benefits of Portacool cooling for yourself? Contact us today to learn more about our range of products, explore rental options for special events, or discuss the perfect solution for your specific space. Beat the heat and enhance your surroundings with Portacool – where innovation and comfort meet.

Portacool offers a range of cooling solutions tailored to your specific needs. From compact portable units suitable for personal use to larger models designed for industrial and commercial applications, we have a solution for every situation. Whether it’s a scorching summer day, a stuffy indoor environment, or an open-air event, our Portacool units can be easily adjusted to create the perfect climate.


Benefits of Portacool

  • Efficient Cooling: Portacool units provide rapid and efficient cooling, reducing ambient temperatures to create a comfortable environment.

  • Portable and Versatile: These units can be used in a variety of settings, from small spaces to large outdoor events.

  • Ideal for Special Events: Perfect for weddings, parties, and outdoor gatherings, Portacool units keep guests comfortable.


Explore these commonly asked questions to learn more about Portacool products and find the answers you need to make the most of your cooling solutions.

How do I choose the right Portacool model for my specific needs and space size?

Selecting the right Portacool model depends on the size of the area you need to cool. The models have varying cooling capacities, so you can choose one that matches the square footage of your space. Our team can make a recommendation as well based on your needs.

What maintenance is required for Portacool units to ensure their longevity and optimal performance?

Regular maintenance includes cleaning the cooling pads and ensuring the water reservoir is filled. It’s also a good practice to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for proper care to maintain the unit’s performance over time.

Can Portacool units be used in various environments, such as outdoor events or industrial spaces?

Yes, Portacool units are versatile and designed for a wide range of applications. They can be used in outdoor events, workshops, warehouses, and more.

How do Portacool units work to cool the air?

Portacool units use the natural process of evaporative cooling. Warm air passes through water-saturated cooling pads, where it’s transformed into cooler, more comfortable air that is then distributed into the space.

Do Portacool units have adjustable settings for temperature control?

While Portacool units do not have traditional temperature controls like air conditioners, they have adjustable fan speeds and louvers that allow you to customize the cooling intensity and direction to suit your preferences.

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