Residential Concrete Coating Warranty

Experience peace of mind with our comprehensive PennTek concrete coating warranty, ensuring lasting quality and protection for your residential surfaces.

About Penntek Industrial Coatings

Penntek, established in 2010 by Kyle Baynes, was born out of a simple desire to install the best coatings in the marketplace. Frustrated with the existing floor coatings available on the market in terms of quality and ease of installation, Kyle began working with a team of chemists to create a floor coating that he could feel confident in putting his name behind.

Initially, Kyle had no intention of selling his innovative floor coatings nationwide. However, good news travels fast. Soon enough, numerous coatings companies expressed their interest in offering his line of products. Today, Penntek boasts a network of over 125 dealers in 200 markets across the country, and while the business has grown, the heart of Penntek has remained unchanged. Penntek aims to manufacture the highest quality products while partnering with dealers like us to run successful businesses.

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    Explore answers to common questions about our residential concrete coating warranty to make an informed decision and ensure the long-lasting beauty of your surfaces.

    Do I need to register my warranty or is it registered for me?

    Upon completion of your installation, our office will submit your warranty with your paid in full invoice copy with Penntek Industrial Coatings within 30 days of installation. You will receive a copy via email and a printed copy of your warranty registration certificate.

    What steps can I take to maintain my Penntek concrete coating and ensure warranty coverage remains valid?

    To maintain your warranty coverage, it’s essential to follow the recommended maintenance guidelines provided by Penntek. Failing to maintain your coating properly can void the warranty, so it’s crucial to adhere to the manufacturer’s instructions for care and maintenance.

    How can I make a warranty claim for my Penntek concrete coating?

    If you believe your Penntek concrete coating is experiencing issues covered by the warranty, you should contact Penntek or the installer. Please text or email any photos of the area of concern to us. We may request an inspection to evaluate the problem. If the issue falls within the warranty terms, we will work to address it accordingly.

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