Why DIY Garage Floor Coatings Don’t Cut It

Garage floor coatings are a surefire way to improve the looks and functionality of your concrete surfaces. However, this may not be the case if you go the DIY route! It’s true; you can save a few dollars by installing the floor coatings yourself. Unfortunately, the risks involved in this endeavor could cost you much […]

Garage floor coatings are a surefire way to improve the looks and functionality of your concrete surfaces. However, this may not be the case if you go the DIY route!

It’s true; you can save a few dollars by installing the floor coatings yourself. Unfortunately, the risks involved in this endeavor could cost you much more in the long run.  The payoff would be a massive net loss!

While you can get up to 30 years of solid protection from a professionally installed coating, DIY coatings usually last between one and five years. That means more frequent resurfacing, which doesn’t come cheap. 

Additionally, professional floor coatings give you limitless options when it comes to designs and colors. Your only limit is your imagination about the look you want to achieve in your space. Conversely, DIY coating kits usually come in a few pre-selected shades, limiting your options. 

These are only a few reasons why DIY garage coatings don’t cut it. Let’s dive deeper and see why professional concrete coating is the way to go. 

Comparing DIY Garage Floor Coating vs. Professional Installation

One of the most critical differences between DIY and professional garage coating installations is the initial preparation process. You must apply the coating material over a clean, porous concrete surface. Otherwise, the material won’t adhere properly and peel off quickly. 

Professional installers use diamond grinding machines to remove the top layer of your concrete floor, leaving a rough expose surface. This equipment effectively removes any existing coating, paint, or contaminated concrete to create a clean surface for a solidly bonded coating. 

If diamond grinding isn’t an option, the professionals often use a shot blaster to achieve similar results. In the case of DIY, you may not have the appropriate surface preparation equipment. Like most DIYers, you would use acid etching to dissolve and clean the top layer of concrete.

This technique will make your surface a bit more porous, but it won’t be as rough as what professional equipment delivers. 

Something else that sets DIY and professional installation apart is the thickness of the coating. Most DIY garage floor coating kits have enough material to only create a 5mm-thick layer of floor coating in a two-car garage. 

With professional garage floor coatings, you can have a three to six times thicker layer, ranging from 15mm to 30mm. Professional installers come with enough material to fill and re-coat your space; they don’t leave any room for errors. 

Also, you can expect professional installation to take a much shorter time than if you were doing it yourself.  A professional team can complete the job in a few hours and have your garage ready to use in as little as 24 hours. 

DIY installation may consume a lot of your time primarily because you don’t have adequate experience and appropriate equipment for the job. 

The Advantages of Hiring a Professional for Garage Floor Coatings

You have many beneficial reasons to invest in professional concrete floor coating services. Some of the most outstanding advantages include:

Professional Preparation Is Essential for Durability

Ask any floor coating expert, and they’ll tell you that proper surface preparation accounts for 80% of a successful concrete coating installation. You can’t achieve this without appropriate equipment and know-how. 

However, you can be sure reputable professionals have diamond grinders, shot blasters, and whatever else it takes to deliver a high-quality coating that will stand the test of time. 

Professional Installs Are Cost-effective Over the Long Term

People often opt for DIY floor coatings because they believe it’s cheaper, but did you know that professional installation can actually be less costly?

DIY concrete coatings usually don’t last long. That means more money from your pocket in purchasing the materials and renting equipment at least every three few years!

Why not leave the job to the experts and forget about the exorbitant floor repairs and replacements for at least 15 years?

Professional Floor Coating Saves Time and Effort

With DIY coating, you have to deal with the stress of hauling stuff out of your garage and finding safe storage for them. That’s not all; you’ll have to return everything in the garage once you complete the coating process. 

Not only is this time-consuming but physically draining as well. With professional installation, you’ll only need to do this once in several decades. 

The Professional Garage Floor Coating Process

A reputable professional can give you a stunning, robust garage floor in a simple six-step process:

  1. The installation crew consults you to understand your needs and provide an accurate quote for the project.
  2. They assess your floor, taking note of dents, cracks, and other surface imperfections. 
  3. The technicians will fix the surface defects using diamond grinders, chipping guns, and other appropriate equipment to ensure 100% adhesion of the coating materials. 
  4. They apply polyurea or polyaspartic coatings with rollers and trowels.
  5. Scraping off loose flakes is essential before applying the protective topcoat. 
  6. Last but not least, the technicians will apply design elements to achieve your desired look. 

Polyurea and Polyaspartic Garage Coatings in Quincy

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